Here at TULSYAN ,all Gold Ornaments are made in 22 karat Hallmarked and approved by the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) therefore the purity of the ornament and the buy back is assured and guaranteed. In fact the exchange and buy back on ornaments anytime at the prevailing market prices.

Mark of Authenticity

  • BIS Logo
  • Manufacturer Name
  • % Of Purity
  • Year Of Manufacturing
  • Mark Of Hallmarking Centre

Please ask for assistance to familiarize and read the HM signs. Magnifying Glass is also available.

  • 22 carat calculation
  • 1 carat = 100/24=4.16
  • 22 carat= 22*4.16=91.66

Therefore hallmark will be 916 for 22k Gold 750 for 18k and so on Gold coins available in 22 Carat +24 Carat Hallmarked by BIS
Caring Tips:

  • As the Gold jewellery is made in 22carat, it is soft in nature therefore avoid wearing it to sleep or wash.
  • Any delicate jewellery like Mangalsutra and Necklace should be strictly avoided while sleeping and taking bath. This helps to maintain lusture and strength of the ornament.
  • Avoid wearing ornaments while gardening and cleaning and any rough work.
  • Remove your ornament before going into the swimming pool.
  • Get Gold jewellery washed and cleaned with a reputed jeweller. Do not fall prey to jewellery cleaners who visit your home.
  • Use of mild detergents with a soft brush at home is also recommended.
  • Jewellery cleaning detergents and liquid is available at printed price at our store.