Light jewellery is the new trend?

Do you think light jewellery is the trend? Well, let me answer this for you

Lightweight Gem-set Jewels

Modern jewelry is getting more multi-functional. Milind Mathur, Creative Director & Partner, Kohinoor Jewelers, Agra, is of the opinion that youth desire modern assortments in adornment. There is a lot of demand for lightweight, functional diamond and enamel jewelry as well. “Colored gemstones are the preferred choice of customers who are looking for a distinct piece of jewelry. It has caught the fancy of the young generation who believes in self-expression and is not afraid to experiment to make a lasting statement and impression,” he adds.

 Light weight jewellery helps to amp up your look and makes you look more sophisticated.

Pratap Kamath said “Light weight jewellery is the current trend primarily because of the extreme flare up in gold prices. Also light weight jewellery can be worn more often safely.”

 They want jewellery which they can wear more often unlike bridal jewellery which remain locked away most of the time. Lot of western light weight jewellery is in trend now,” he added.

As diamond demand is picking up in India, more and more companies are coming up with jewellery which are modern as well as can be worn daily.

 Trendy and chic designs and price points are unique selling proposition for the light weight segment.

 “Women these days want jewellery on the go, which is light weight, chic and summer friendly,”

says Nihar Tulsyan of Tulsyan Jewellery,Ranchi. He suggests investing in summer jewellery which promises to be light and features delicate gem work, something that complements the summer months.

As the saying goes, “Less is more”

 Women of this era are no longer obsessed with eye-catching pieces of jewellery. Not many women prefer to flaunt an over-the-top look when it comes to everyday dressing and the same holds true for jewellery, especially summer jewellery.

Minimalistic jewellery is here to stay as it’s chic yet trendy. The idea behind summer jewellery shopping should be to invest in classy fine jewellery that looks simple yet elegant.

Women were often seen wearing heavy jewelries even at  work places. Nowadays women are employed and having more disposable incomes, they are looking for light weight jewellery to wear everyday. On the other hand for weddings, people prefer light jewellery which has a rich look rather than heavy jewellery where gifting comes to play. They also prefer jewellery which looks big but it’s not heavy. As the demand for light weight jewellery increases the jewellers started to manufacture light weight jewellery even in antique pieces.

There is also a big difference in prize, where light weight jewelry is more affordable than the heavy ones.

I personally prefer light weight chains with a single and small yet classy looking pendant. And when it comes to earnings I prefer light weight studs because that looks good and my ears are less painful.

A necklace which looks really heavy to others but actually is very light often gives a rich look to viewers.

As gold becomes dearer by the day, retailers are looking to stock up on affordable, light-weight jewellery crafted in 18K gold as that’s where the consumers are headed. Manufacturers on the other hand are trying to push all boundaries to create feather-light pieces without compromising on design and quality

Precious jewellery has always been connoted with traditional and chunky, while lightweight has meant artificial. However, while women have moved on to a fast-paced and modern lifestyle, their jewellery has been divided in two. And it’s time to change that, isn’t it?

with the growing need for something fashionable, easy to wear and convenient, they have moved on from fine jewellery to others. But shouldn’t the modern woman’s jewellery complement her attitude too? And that too, without compromising the quality?

Five reasons to prefer light weight jewelry 


While you’re constantly on the go and that too, with outfits tailor-made for all needs, we believe that your jewellery should have the same benefits. With that in mind, we at Melorra create light-weight fine jewellery that wouldn’t come in between your work or keep you awake when you travel. With lightweight gold earrings or bangle designs, it’s time to pair up with ease!


As soon as your jewellery becomes lightweight, the price drops too! That too, without compromising on the quality. Whether it is an 18k piece or a 22k one, we make sure that all our jewellery is BIS hallmarked and comes with certification for your peace of mind. With lightweight gold earrings for women with price points as low as Rs. 5000, your options are plenty and totally up-to-trend


How do we come up with a wide variety of designs you ask? We take inspiration from global fashion trends and translate them into your favourite pieces. (See: Feathers Storyboard) When your wardrobe gets a makeover, we believe that your fine jewellery should too. And with the ever-evolving taste, you should have options just like artificial jewellery, only, much better looking.

While weddings have been simplified, Malayali brides are now choosing to go with designs that have elegant and delicate work that mimic the wearer’s love for subtlety. These designs

are loved due to the beauty in simplicity and innocence and to the philosophy of less is more.

How do you think the new age Indian woman selects her jewellery?

I think women are appreciating designs that are more timeless and will stay in vogue now and even many decades later. Women want to wear jewellery that they can wear today and even after a couple of years without it losing its charm. Also, I see people wear more comfortable jewellery which is very light and can be maintained easily

Since the jewellery is very light, it gives the opportunity to the user to wear it in different ways. For example a necklace can be taken apart and reworked as two bracelets. Trends like these are catching up. So while you can wear a necklace to a more traditional or formal event, you can repeat the bracelets a lot more times and pair them with any outfit or accessory at any social event

Jewellery has always been a woman’s best friend. Every woman wants to have the collection of most beautiful jwellery. Jewellery gives a complete look to the attire. A diamond neckpiece on a simple dress can make you look stunning. Earlier women used to go for heavy gold and diamond sets.

Now Jewellery trend has changed from heavy jewelley to light weight jewellery which goes perfect with any outfit. Trend has shifted from heavy gold neck-piece and earrings to light weight quirky pendants and chic rings.

Light weight jewellery can be worn more often than the bridal jewellery which gets locked up in the closet. Light weight jewelry is also safer than the heavy gold jewelley. This can be diamonds or gems studded jewellery which you can choose according to your dress.

This light weight jewellery can be worn both for parties and get together. They have funky designs in gold plated. The cost is comparatively lesser than the heavy jewellery. They have trendy designs which can be a perfect complement to your western dress.

“You don’t need a special day to wear trendy jewelry. You can wear trendy jewelry and make it a special day” 

Your jewelry can be an exclamation point of your outfit

Women don’t want to spend much on money and wear better jewels. They want to look like a diva by paying a low price on good jewelry

Light weight jewels“Women these days want jewellery on the go, which is light weight, chic and summer friendly

suggests investing in summer jewellery which promises to be light and features delicate gem work, something that complements the summer months.

Enjoy the beauty of Light Weights.

– That’s what modern trends in fashion and style appreciate. The jewellery must be bold and beautiful; the designs petite, flamboyant and dynamic. And that’s what Light Weights portray.

– These jewellery pieces are crafted as extremely light weight artistic marvels. They are innovative exquisites in gold and diamond jewellery, conscientiously designed for the suave lady


The demand for routine wear jewellery pieces has led the customers to options for light weight, easy to wear and carry diamond jewellery. No one likes to wear anything that is heavy and clunky. Modern women want to wear jewellery that is light in weight and easy to wear. With the cost of gold reaching new heights, light weight diamond jewellery is the perfect alternative for you. Women in today’ time look for simple as well as traditional bulky designs that weight less and something that can be worn during weddings or any other special occasion.


The trendy and new age diamond jewellery designs look amazing and are preferred mostly by working women and young professionals. With fashionable and light weight diamond jewellery options available at our online store, women of all ages want to try it out. Diamonds just go perfectly with any dress you wear and are suitable for all types of occasions. The clientele for this category of jewellery is largely working women and college girls who want to add style icon to their routine wear.


Some of them buy customized jewellery as it can serve as good gifting option too. Many people want to express their personal style and taste through the dress and accessories they wear. Affordable and buy light weight jewellery has been in vogue from the past many years but it has been only before few years, the trend has gained momentum. People want to buy light weight jewellery that is not too heavy on their pockets and with the advent of eCommerce; they are quite open to buy exclusive diamond jewellery online.


Diamond Mela is one of the leading diamond jewellery marketplace which sells light weight, designer jewellery online. Our online jewellery store lets you experience the best in class shopping leaving you with the happiest smile. The wide range of eye catching diamond jewellery designs are developed from the state of the art technology and all our products have impeccable finishing with distinctive designs.


We are committed to provide all our customers with the best shopping experience and also post sales assistance. Each and every jewellery piece we offer is crafted especially for you because we believe that jewellery is not only something you wear but it is more special as you feel connected to it. Buy real diamond jewellery online and bring out the radiance in you to sparkle in the outer world.


Through single minded focus on client’s satisfaction, we are gaining popularity for the purity of our diamonds, wide choice of designs and highly consistent customer delight. For the perfect festival jewellery, all our celebration pieces come with a gaze. So what are you waiting for? The realm of the best collection of light weight diamond jewellery designs is just a click away. Your search to buy the latest design jewellery ends at our online jewellery store.

Lightweight earrings are both a blessing and a curse. A blessing… I don’t know about you, but my ears just cannot take the weight of heavy earrings.  By afternoon, the headache has begun.   You might hear “glass earrings” and think, “Oh, those must be so heavy!” But sundrops are lightweight – surprisingly so!  I make sure that all the earrings I design are something that I myself am comfortable wearing all day long, day after day – like these Duet Earrings! And a curse… While this is great for all-day, every-day wear, it can lead to its own problem -…

I love that lightweight delicate gold jewelry is on-trend right now because it’s easy to just layer up a few necklaces and bracelets and feel pulled together.

As we come to the fag end of this year, there is a thrill in celebrating the bygone time and double the thrill in welcoming the first year of the coming decade. 2019 has seen its own share of fashion spins- some authentic, some nature driven, some abstract. As we hit a refresh here, it is the time to put some fine jewellery trends 2020 of these styles on the attic and there are some which deny going off the list – they are here to stay in the times ahead, for they have been a people’s choice or because of their much hyped style/comfort/luxe look.

We all wait for fine jewelry trends to come out, to readily make them apart of our daily lives. Here is a sneak peek into what is trending in gold & diamond jewellery this coming year:

Millennial women juggle between office and home relentlessly, amidst this their daily wear Jewellery should serve both the purposes i.e. for home & for office. One prime way they do this are through lightweight gold chains with a striking pendant along with it and a pair of complementing earrings. They are also popular as lightweight gold necklace sets– These can be effortlessly partnered on traditional wear for any household occasions, poojas, functions and other festivities too or on formal work wear clothes for that business presentations at office.

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